one shot <3 <3 <3

de börja men en dropp .. men varje dag som gå så hela mig är blöt ... jag älska livet men hata allt som om ringa mig .... dag för dag kändes som om att jag gå runt i cirkla.... älska allt som gör mig glad men jag hata känslor ... alla trycker ner mig som om att jag inte ha nått känslor som alla andra ... bland inte in mig i era liv låt mig leva så länge mina ögon är öppna ...

♫ you make me Smile ♫



my mistakes about lover!!!!!!!

love is somewhere, you should be waiting for the right one comes, first love is always hard, never trust the word of what they say, trust what you feel instead, the words will make you happy, but not forever, but how you feel so they can lead your way to the end, my mistakes are because of that, I trust what they say, but how I feel, they dont know about it, so all I wannt to say is that love is in you and what you feel, wait for the right one comes, so you can be happy forever.... <3 <3 <3

IS REAL!! <3 <3 <3

everybobby can fall in love just like me one day you wake up with a big nice smile and the next day you fall , i thought that i had it all and next day i lose everything .sit and think what the hell happened, the clock running, but the time is stop running. trying to keep my head up but inside is dead, i thought that I get along , but emotions keep me down , love come and go, my breath is running out, how many have to feel like this, how many more will weep for nothing , she gone!! , she will not comming back .....!! MOVE ON!!


Tänk dig att jag är inte som andra , för jag kan vara bättre efter som jag är ONE OF A KIND 😃