I should know that was stupid idea.. let myself play with fire ,now my heart is burning to ashes.. no words to say.. Stupid Love Story is just like shit on my face ,expect too much to seen myself get hurt and unhappy now your love is just shit to me ... it just to crazy that i thought you were different but shit happen .. words of love are beautiful and happy ending but now I see the opposite in the words '' love'' that's bad and hurt full ... sorry if I make mistakes sometimes, but we are people,we can make mistakes as long as we know that it is wrong and try to fix it again so everyone is happy..sorry if my words sound stupid to you, but as I see it ,that is how i feel .. it just stupid crazy love that i fall for and now PLS...just let me be .. i dont know you and you dont know me .. that it .. welcome to the end of the end..

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Tänk dig att jag är inte som andra , för jag kan vara bättre efter som jag är ONE OF A KIND 😃